Argument leads to shooting in Detroit's Greektown

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A downtown shooting on Memorial Day weekend garners thousands of views on Facebook.

It was around 10:30 Saturday night, people out enjoying the weekend on a holiday, two guys are arguing, things get physical, and then they start firing their guns, with that many people around someone was bound to catch it on camera and they did.

One of the men who caught the aftermath spoke only with Fox 2.

While he’s rolling on the shooting he’s saying “right in front of Nikis.. this is crazy.”

What he caught on Beaubien near Lafayette looks crazy.

You hear 2 shots, and see a group of folks dispersing.

One more shot, the camera moves towards what looks like another guy shooting and then one more, and everyone runs off.

 “It’s surprising nobody got hit, because it’s so crowed down here, I’ve been shot in the same way,” Witness Daryl Kelly said.

The bullet wound scar on his leg a constant reminder of what a random shooting can mean.

Stuff like this and the now infamous Greektown beat down... From Easter Sunday of last year keeping some away from downtown, but it’s not stopping others. 

Police have 2 men in custody, they are 21 and 22 years old, they’re at the Detroit detention center and haven’t been charged yet police also got both weapons.