Arlington man asks John Stamos to be groomsman in his wedding

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John Stamos has been a Hollywood fixture for years, but one Arlington man is hoping he can convince the handsome actor to take on another role.

Brendan Hurley says he is your average 29-year-old contractor. He asked the love of his life to marry him. She said yes, and now, they are planning their big day with family, friends -- and Stamos?

"She thought it was a joke and wasn’t going to happen," Hurley said.

That was his fiancée's reaction when Hurley started telling people about his wedding day dream to get Stamos to be one of his groomsmen.

"Look at the guy, he's amazing," Hurley said. "It would just be hilarious."

This started as a bet with a friend.

"I said, ‘Nate, I will bet you $20 John Stamos is going to be there’ and he took the bet. And I hope he looks stupid. Nate, not Stamos. He could never look stupid," Hurley said laughing.

He and his girlfriend lined up their wedding party and Hurley put his friend R.J. on notice. If Stamos makes it, R.J. is out.

While his fiancée works on flowers, food and music, Hurley has launched a blog and Twitter account to make his dream a reality.

He is eagerly waiting for Stamos' answer, but he has not heard anything yet.

We put in a call to Stamos' publicist and we did not hear back either, but there is still time. The couple is not getting married until Memorial Day.