Armed robber shoots teen, mom wants justice

A violent robbery in Detroit as leaves a mother terrorized and her teenage son shot.

"That night on the 19th of November, he shot a kid," said Tenisha Malone.

While Tenisha Malone sat in her car outside her home on Rutherford Street near Seven Mile and Greenfield in Detroit, she says a man snatched her car door open, put a gun in her face and demanded her money.

"I gave him my purse, reached in my pocket and gave him credit cards and everything," she said.

But the crime wouldn't end there. Her 15-year-old son heard a commotion outside and went to check it out.

"I came out the side door," he said. "I didn't see he had a gun but I saw fire from the gun. Then I noticed I got shot and ran back into the house."

He was shot in his abdomen. The bullet passed through his liver and kidney and came out his back.

"You hear gunshot, you are thinking that's it," Malone said. "It was a scary moment."

Mom tended to her son, rushing him to the hospital where he would spend the next two weeks recovering.

"I do want justice to be served for my baby having to go through this," she said.

Now she is doing whatever she can to help her own cause. 

After being robbed at gunpoint on Rutherford the victim says the suspect wasted no time spending her money, going to places in Troy and Dearborn and using that credit card. She hopes that will be the break in this case.

"If he had just robbed me of course I would've canceled the cards just like that," she said. "But my son was hurt in the process so I was thinking smart. I let them use them."

According to Malone, the police now have the time and place when and where the stolen cards were used and security camera footage of a person using the cards but still no arrests as of yet.

She's speaking now as a warning and a hope that someone will turn the robber in.

"It could be your child," she said. "It's ridiculous. It doesn't make sense." 

The crime has left the family pretty shaken up, no longer staying at the home where the robbery took place.

Despite it all they are able to keep things in perspective.

"I'm just thankful my baby is still here," she said. "That's all I can be thankful for."