Arrest made after man fatally shot outside Belleville Tim Hortons

Still in shock that her brother Edward is no longer alive, Amanda Kuehn can't stop sobbing.

“I want justice for my brother. This man shot my brother in cold blood. Didn't give my brother a chance to run, defend himself, and plead for his life.”

The shooting took place Sunday morning outside a Belleville Tim Horton’s restaurant.

Police say Edward was sitting inside his vehicle when he was shot multiple times.

The suspect left the scene but police were able to take him into custody a short time later and he will be arraigned this week.

Police say they are still investigating and won't confirm a motive, but the victim's sister believes she knows the reason behind the shooting and now she wants justice

”My understanding is that my brother had a girlfriend, or a lady friend. The ex-husband didn't like that, so he took my brother's life because a woman didn't want him.”

Amanda says the family still can't believe her brother is dead, because he recently won his battle over stage 3 mouth Cancer.

“He survived Cancer last year. Going through chemo and everything, we thought we would lose him last year and he pulled through. He was a fighter.”

That fight ended after Amanda says a coward cut her brother's life short and took him away from his two kids.

“Rot in hell.”

“I don't want him to have chance at a judge and a jury. I want his fate sealed the same way he sealed my brother's.”

The family has set up a Go Fund Me account to help pay for Edward’s funeral. If you’d like to donate CLICK HERE.