Arrested suspect in graffiti threats to Chief Craig posed as FOX 2 witness

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An arrest has been made in the graffiti threat to kill Detroit Police Chief James Craig and all police.

The disturbing message was left on a building on Exeter and State Fair. Police say the suspect is Stewart Lewis, who on last Oct. 17th, was arrested for tagging the same building.

Lewis, lives across the street and actually spoke to FOX 2's Taryn Asher before he was arrested. At the time, he said he was on his way to work.

"There is a lot of graffiti going around, (but) that right there is above and beyond," Lewis said to FOX 2. "I personally, don't believe the police chief is a good person."

ASHER: You didn't write that did you?"

"No I didn't," he said. "I just don't believe in the police. I myself, personally, I had a problem, I wouldn't even call the police." 

DPD believed this was the man who tagged the same building last year. Lewis was arrested for that crime. And after searching his home today, and an incriminating statement from his girlfriend, he was arrested. 

Lewis will now likely be facing charges on making terror threats.

Police learned about the graffiti threats Friday morning and the department had been put on high alert.

"It took me to come back after a 39 and a half year career to be threatened in my hometown," Chief James Craig said earlier Friday.  "My message to the coward in the cloak of darkness decided to make that statement, is we will find you, we will arrest you."