Arson suspected in Detroit fire, neighbors say it is part of recent string

Arson investigators are digging through the debris after a fire destroyed a home on Spokane near I-96.

Investigators have another problem - fire damaged some pipes and now the basement is flooded. They have to deal with that before they can answer the question:  Did someone torch this house?

"We've been here since 1953. It does hurt, but again, we have to keep moving," said Bernard Elam, who owns the home.

Several neighbors say arson has been a problem in the neighborhood.

"I step out on my upper balcony and there's flames 20 feet in the air and I'm shocked because it's like the third fire in a week," said Joseph Motyka.

Firefighters took two hours to get the fire under control.

"There could be a firebug. Some people mentally, for some reason, like fire. It entrances them but I believe it's a bigger problem that starts with the small problem. We hire city council and the mayor's office to take care of things and to police things like this and it's not getting done," Motyka said.

Detroit Fire confirms a few days back, arson investigators were looking at a blaze in another abandoned home, but they don't yet believe a serial arsonist is at work.

"The last fire was last summer and there were like three or four houses ablaze," said Venus Jester. "I'm not going to get rid of the building because I inherited the building, but we're leaving."

Ultimately, the family in the house next door says they lost a dog to the fire, but everyone else made it out.

Arson investigators can't say if accelerant was used, but they're not ruling it out right now. Two firefighters had some minor injuries but they'll be OK.