As eviction moratorium ends next week, here are resources that can help

It is just about a week away from the eviction moratorium being lifted - meaning thousands of metro Detroiters will be left wondering how to pay rent, but there are resources available.

"A lot of people are very scared, they are fearful that they will be kicked out on June 30," said Kirsten Elliott, Community Housing Network. "We have a call center letting them know there's a whole process that their landlords have to work with."

Elliott says there is hope. The Community Housing Network's newest project is the development of affordable housing in Erin Park between Nine and 10 Mile in Eastpointe.

But they're doing more than just helping solve the housing issue. They are helping people avoid homelessness as the moratorium lifts on June 30th.

"These are our neighbors, our family members, people who are helping us at CVS, these are people in our city administration office, these are people who are driving our buses, delivering our mail," Elliott said.

Many of the people who are facing eviction are working but lost a job, got sick or don't have childcare.

When the moratorium was about to expire last summer, this group got flooded with 4,000 calls a week. As the days get close to June 30th, they're expecting the same surge.

They're working with the Covid Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

"We work directly with the courts in Oakland County, Southfield courts, the lawyers, Lakeshore Legal Aid, we've been working in partnering with them to make sure they know and understand the assistance that's available to them," said Karen Bertram, Covid Emergency Rental Assistance Program. "So if someone applies, they will often times just even without knowing that they've applied and they sentences available they will hold off on evicting them."

Keep in mind, if you apply for help right now, there are millions of federal dollars that are sitting there, ready to help.  It may take time with the backlog so you're being urged to start the process now.

"There is definitely a lot of hope. People need to be proactive before they get the notice to quit on their front door," Elliott said.

The wait is four to six weeks to get a caseworker.  But if you can provide proof you're working on it, your landlord should work with you. 
For more information, go to There's a link there for the Covid Emergency Rental Assistance Program here.