Southfield church holds gun buyback event

As a ‘thank you’ for their weapons, donors may receive artwork, t-shirts, or gift cards from Kroger or Meijer: $50 for a long gun, $100 for a handgun, or $200 for a rifle.

The Rundown

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Mom from Brazil found dead while vacationing in Michigan

The body of a 42-year-old mother of two was found mutilated and dumped on the side of a road in Michigan. She was thousands of miles away from her home in Brazil. Now, questions are swirling around Suzan Barbosa-Ferreira's death. Her family back home is devastated by the news and hoping they'll get clarity behind why she was killed.

Riding with DPD on block party enforcement

It's a critical weekend for Detroit police who are rolling out their new block party initiative in response to concerns from residents who worry the summer nights have gotten to dangerous to enjoy.

'Motown is Joetown'; Biden comes out swinging in Detroit

In one of his most energetic appearances in months, Joe Biden appeared at a rally in Detroit where he sought to quell fears about his ability to run for office and continue governing, despite concerns he isn't up for the job.

Frustrations with trash service persist in Detroit

It's been tough going for residents like Claire Childs, who has been dealing with inconsistent trash pickups in her Detroit neighborhood. But the new trash contractor says those delays will soon be a thing of the past.

Detroit Youth Choir looking for new voices

Detroit Youth Choir is back from a whirlwind international tour and now they're looking to add more voices to their ranks. Bre Teamer chats with Anthony White, Director of Detroit Youth Choir about what the talent they're looking for.

Young voters want more from both presidential parties

Young voters played a big role in previous elections and this year -- it's no different. They have questions --- and they want them answered by our presidential candidates. Fox 2's Bre Teamer and Jack Nissen tell us more about what young voters are saying they want more of.

Roop Raj and Bre Teamer discuss Biden's landing in Michigan today

Watch Biden's arrive in Michigan and step foot off the Air Force One plane. As he seeks reelection, many in his party are now pleading for him to keep that promise and step aside. But Biden remains defiant that he’ll remain in the race despite a disastrous debate performance that triggered a wave of calls for him to end his candidacy.

Abandon Biden effort continues as Biden returns to Michigan

It's no longer the presidential primary but a familiar protest against Joe Biden persists in Michigan. The Abandon Biden effort, which cast a mostly-symbolic 'uncommitted vote' during the previous election is still arguing a vote for the president is a vote for continued war between Hamas and Israel.