As frost looms on Mother's Day, you should have listened to mom and not planted

You mom said it. Your grandma said. Your grandma's grandma probably said it too: don't plant until after Mother's Day. Weekends like this are why.

Frost, yes FROST, is possible and likely in southeast Michigan this weekend. On Mother's Day. The TWELFTH DAY OF MAY - almost two full months since spring officially stated.

Mother's Day has a mind of her own, apparently. If you did plant before Mother's Day, you don't just have to get a phone call from your mom asking why, you can also save and preserve your precious plants.

This is Michigan. We sometimes get frost. To protect your plants - just do a couple things: cover them or bring them inside if they're in a pot.

The experts at English Gardens offered up some great advice of how to protect your plants. Check it out in the video above.