As statewide Covid cases rise, so does concerns by parents on in-person learning

Some parents are now rethinking in-person classes for children as coronavirus cases are rising.

"Covid is growing in Michigan right now, we have more cases, more hospitalizations and tragically, we have more deaths," said Robert Gordon, Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services. 

The numbers right now are the highest in the Upper Peninsula followed by the west side of the state. It is an increase school officials on the west side of Michigan are paying close attention to, notifying their school communities that, as a worst-case scenario, schools may have to shift to a distance learning model until cases decline.

"We were talking to a superintendent from the west side of the state and unfortunately there are people who believe that wearing a mask is a political statement," said Supt. Dr. Nikolai Vitti, Detroit Public Schools Community District.

Closer to home in southeast Michigan, school leaders are also paying close attention to the numbers. For Vitti, the news is encouraging.

"Most people don't know that our infection rate is below the state average," 

Sot 2 right now we believe that is safe we've had face-to-face for over a month now unlike other school districts we've had no outbreaks 

Vitti and state officials believe that success is because Detroiters are following safety protocols.

"Detroiters are doing a good job social distancing and wearing a mask," he said. "And you're seeing that reflected in the schools with no outbreaks to this point. 

The superintendent in Rochester Hills is also watching Covid numbers.  Students started the school year remotely but are now learning in person. 

"We certainly have concerns it's something we're monitoring on a daily basis," said Dr. Robert Shaner. "(We are in-person) in a cohort model. An A and B and the middle of the week is a remote day so we can clean and do contact tracing.

"We do have some active cases and that calls for us to have density in our buildings."

"I would rather have her in a safe environment than be rushed back into a situation where she could be easily exposed to it," said parent Neil Wandrei.

Dr. Shaner says the district works with the county health department to keep the school community safe and if parents have concerns he does not want them to remain silent 

"If you have fears or concerns, talk to your teacher, your principal, your superintendent and if you need accommodations we can help with those as well," Shaner said.