Ashby's Sterling Ice cream owners raise over $15,000 to keep business open

Dillon Rochon says his heart is full of nostalgia as he scoops ice cream at Ashby's Sterling ice cream shop, which has been a community staple since the 60s. 

"I never would’ve thought that I would have this place; this was actually my first job, my former employer contacted me and asked me if I was interested. It was mind-blowing," says Rochon. 

In March, Rochon, his cousin, and a friend took ownership of the company, but COVID quickly took their excitement away. 

"All of the government funding had to be filed by February, and we weren't an LLC until March, so we don’t qualify for any of that funding, " says Rochon. 

Starting around mid-July, Rochon sys customers start pouring in to buy gift cards and ice cream in bulk to help the struggling business. 

Rochon says he has been overwhelmed by the response and thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart. 

If you would like to donate, you can visit the GoFundme page.