At 115, Inkster woman is world's oldest person

"Like you want to be treated, you treat him that way. Treat him like you want to be treated."

Thelma Holloway is her daughter.

"She's not on a diet or nothing," Holloway said. "She doesn't believe in diets."

She reaches for grapefruit, cream of wheat, fruit cups, juice, hot coffee and oh and ...

"She likes to eat junk," Holloway said. "She loves her junk and pop. My granddaughter brought her a box of those little round doughnuts. She eats all that stuff."

After a few minutes, Talley announced she was done with answering questions. But not before making it known what she doesn't want in her upcoming birthday cake.

"I don't want no chocolate," she said.

"She doesn't want any chocolate, just vanilla," Holloway said. 

"No butter," Talley said.

"No butter in it either," Holloway repeated.

"Just grease," Talley said.

Pastor Dana Darby says the woman is an inspiration.

"Her wisdom, she tells people all the time to treat people the way you would want them to treat you," Darby said. "And she says all the blessings come from the Lord."

Talley turns 116 on May 23 with the celebration May 24 at her church, New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Inkster.