Attacked by pizza: vandals dump pizzas on man's car three times

A Troy man is under attack and the weapon of choice? Pizza - on his entire car.

It was Sunday night when Tony Cholak was inside his home. Suddenly, he heard a noise - and when he peered outside, he saw two criminals covering his car with greasy pies.

"Seems like we got pizza all over our cars," he said. 

He said the cruel criminals struck his car near Maple and John R. in Troy. To get it all off, he said he had to wash his car three times.

"All with pizza, pizza bread underneath it, and the sauce. I had to go to the car wash three times to clear it out," Cholak said. 

The pizza of choice? Little Caesars.

Tony says that this pizza pizza dump is the third time in about six weeks. When he heard the vandals Sunday night, he spotted two high school-looking kids running away from his home. 

"It looks like it's Hot n Ready. Looks like it wasn't paid for. Looks like it was taken out of the garbage dumpster."

That makes sense - honestly, why throw away good pizza? Then there's this: A Little Caesars Pizza is less than a mile away. And the dumpster is filled with pizza, pizza boxes and sauce. 

The manager of the store confirms that when the pizza is not up to the "Hot n Ready" standards, they throw it in the dumpster.  And yes they've had thefts, and pizza dumps, like this before.

Vandalizing anything, even with pizza, is a felony. Tony has no clue why he's being targeted with pizza.

"It feels like you're being intruded. I have no idea," he said.

But he's not taking the pizza attack lying down. He was installing surveillance cameras so he can hopefully catch the criminals.