Auntie Na takes in family of 7 whose home has no heat

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It's Auntie Na to the rescue again.

During the frigid first week of January she opened up her doors to those who wanted shelter from the cold.
Now she's coming to the aid of a single mom Tranita Brown and her seven children.

Six-year-old Jordan Brown is upbeat despite the fact that his mom and six brothers and sisters had to leave their home.

"My furnace went out then that caused the pipes to burst so I need a new furnace and water tank," said Tranita Brown.

Tranita Brown and the kids - commonly referred to as "The Seven Js" because all of their names start with the letter J - are staying with Auntie Na.

She is a modern day saint on Detroit's west side taking in people who have no where warm to stay.

"It's not fit for beats or a human, so Lord knows I want them make their way this way," Auntie Na said.

The way is a house on Yellowstone. FOX 2 first introduced you to Auntie Na earlier this month and the story generated an outpouring of support.

"I met Auntie Na maybe two years ago," Tranita said. "I've been a volunteer here, helping other families. 

"But now we need help."

FOX 2: "How do you it into words? "

"It's kind of stressful," said her daughter Jessica, 14. "I don't really worry about it, try not to."

But after she said that, she was over come with emotion.

Tranita said she is trying to stay strong.

"It's hard, I've always been working and trying to take care of my family," she said. "When you can't, it's hard."

Before the sun went down, some of the seven Js played outside, kicking around a ball anfd hoping to be able to go home soon.

"We want to go back home," Tranita said. "When the home is broken the family is broken."

But until they get some help, they will call Auntie Na's house home.

"For now and any other time, they've got a roof at Auntie Na's house and warmth and love - as a part of a family," Auntie Na said.

So Tranita Brown and the seven Js need a new furnace if you would like to help please email or call us at 248-552-5103.

For more information, Auntie Na can contact her at (313) 808-8940 or (313) 828-4691 or online at or