Bad builder goes to Waterford court - victims gets justice delayed

Look who is on his way into court - unlicensed builder Justin Hudson was ready to face his victims Tuesday.

Rob Wolchek: "You have anything to say to (them)?"

Hudson: "No comment."

Rob: "You don't want to apologize to them or anything?"

Hudson: "Not right now."

It was sentencing day for Justin Hudson and the people who say he bilked them out of tens of thousands of dollars were hoping for some justice.

In the summer of 2018, I introduced you to Tony and his girlfriend Toni.  They were using their life savings to build their dream house in Waterford.

They hired JD Hudson Builders, a company that advertised on their website they were licensed and could handle a huge project like that.

But after shelling out more than $100,000 to the company's owner Justin Hudson, they realized Justin was in way over his head.  The project was a disaster.

Hudson had more unhappy customers I interviewed in my Hall of Shame story, but Toni and Tony were by far out the most money.

Hudson admitted on camera he had no license which is a violation of criminal law.

After my story, the attorney general's office charged Justin Hudson with being an unlicensed builder and issued a warrant for his arrest.  a warrant Justin ignored.

Finally, he was picked up and pleaded guilty this past October to being an unlicensed builder and part of that deal was he'd pay Toni and Tony restitution.

He was supposed to be sentenced last month. I was there and so were the victims.

"We want to see this happen," said Tony. "But it just seems this is going to go on forever."

Justin managed to get the sentencing adjourned a month. That was December - now it's January. 

"I thought there was an agreement with the prior attorney that $50,000 would be the restitution but I was advised by the new counsel, that that's not what they want to do - and that they are totally fighting the restitution," said a prosecutor.

Here's Hudson's new attorney asking for more time.

"From my conversation with my client it's very clear that Miss Capaldi knew my client didn't have a builder's license and that's actually why she hired him," said Hudson's attorney.

Wait a minute. We have Justin telling his customers he's licensed on undercover camera.

Rob Wolchek and Justin Hudson

Q: "are you licensed?"

"Oh yeah, and insured," Justin said in our original report.

Justin is sentenced no time if he pays restitution but fines and court costs of about $3,000. Judge Richard Kuhn is not happy.

"Are you able today to make any payment towards your fines and costs? Not even $10 or 15 small payment plan?" Kuhn asked.

Hudson: "I can do 20 dollars."

Rob: “Justin, how long is this going to go on now?"

"It's over,"


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he said.

"He doesn't have any comment, thank you," the attorney said.

Rob: "What's over?  You haven't paid any money back?"

"He doesn't owe any," Hudson's attorney said.

Rob: "He doesn't owe any?  Are you kidding me?  Why doesn't he owe any money counselor?"

"She got the work she paid for," the attorney said.

Rob: "Justin, you don't agree with that do you?"

<No answer>

A restitution hearing will be held next month.  See you in Waterford.