Barbershops aren't just for boys: Shears and Shaves opens on Avenue of Fashion

A new barbershop and spa has just opened on the city's Avenue of Fashion thanks to the city and its Motor City Match program.

Dawn Sanford has been a barber for 32 years here on Livernois. She always dreamed she'd own her own shop. Now she has -- Shears and Shaves on Livernois south of 8 Mile.

"Shears and Shaves because ... shaving is my niche - shears is what I do," she said.

She's doing it, her way -- finally, after three decades.

"I am just in a dream. I'm living a dream. I'm living my dream right now," she said.

With the help of Motor City Match, Tech Town, Invest Detroit and others, Dawn is making her small business a reality on the Avenue of Fashion with full services for men and women. Barbershops aren't just for boys.

"The husbands are bringing their wives, and they're coming on their own, especially when someone has cancer out here," she said.

Someone like ladora Hill, whose husband is Dawn's client, but when ladora was diagnosed with cancer and lost her hair, she became Dawn's client, too, once she was in remission her hair started growing back.

"I decided to have Dawn just shape me up and line me up as it grows back in," she said.

"Short hair is in - bald head is in - long - we accommodate whatever the length, whatever you need, whatever you like, we want to enhance it for you," Dawn said.

She wants to help put people to work -- 14 employees offering everything from shoe shines to therapeutic body massage.

"Facials shaves, manicures, pedicures -- you name it we have it for you," she said.

For Dawn, it's not just about the customers, it's about the community as well.

"Giving back to the community and being able to support the community and keep it thriving," she said.

Dawn hopes the community supports her. The Avenue of Fashion has spent the summer under construction and businesses have been struggling. Mayor Mike Duggan encourages residents to visit all the businesses on Livernois.

"We've got a little bit of work to do to get customers in and out but I know that Dawn Sanford's customers will work through the traffic, and they will show up here. We need all of residents to be supporting businesses on Livernois right now," he said.

Shears and Shaves opens for business Monday, Sept. 19. Make an appointment online or walk in - they just want you to come.