Barrage of bullets: Man fires '20 to 30' shots down Detroit street

Shots were fired Monday in a west side Detroit neighborhood - sending police and innocent bystanders ducking for cover.

The incident happened just before 10 a.m.on Dacosta near Midland where police say about 15 bullet casings were recovered. 

Residents in the area woke up to about 30 gunshots Monday morning. Neighbors and police say they were amazed there were no injuries.

"I parked my car and I observed a black male firing multiple times with a handgun," said police officer Jason Tonti.

Tonti says at least 20-30 rounds were fired down the street where he spotted children outside - and another family standing in their front yard.

Detroit police arrested the shooter and a second man, both in their mid-20s.

When police spoke to the man who fired the gun, he did not give a concrete answer. 

"I didn't see anybody out here the entire time I was out here," Tonti said. "He said he was firing, trying to protect somebody. Again, I saw nobody out here. I don't know where he came up with that story."

 The two men arrested in connection with the shooting are said not to even live in the neighborhood.

"One guy is a CPL holder who didn't have his license on him," Tonti said. "But the other guy was a CCW person - he was firing a gun and he did have a right to fire the weapon and he did place it in his waistband so that makes it a CCW."

Neighbors say they heard the first round of shots, the gunfire stopping Then it started up again.

"When I heard more I hurried up and got on my floor because they sounded close to my window," Wilson said."My heart was racing."

"I was standing behind that tree and I could hear the rounds whizzing by me," Tonti said. "Anybody could have gotten hit - myself included."