Beaumont kids' waiting room beach photo of man too revealing, says mom

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Hospital waiting rooms are the worst with not much else to do but look at the art on the walls.

But when an 8-year-old girl did that recently at the children's waiting area at Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe, she got a big dose of adulthood.

"I'm like it shows everything, everything," said mom Corinthia Ford. 

In the large hospital mural, a man can be seen on the beach appearing nude from the front. 

"She was like 'Mom, right there,' and I look at the picture and I'm like no, wait he's naked," Ford said. "I'm like oh my God, where's security."

It's a big picture, but Corinthia Ford's 8-year-old daughter Khylah spotted him. Ford says she was not prepared to answer the following questions - which quickly turned into an anatomy lesson.

"It sticks out like a sore thumb," Ford said.

She immediately told staff after getting peppered with questions from her daughter. 

"I didn't know what it was at first but I was curious why my mom didn't tell me what it was," said her daughter Khylah Smith.

"You want me to tell my kid about puberty and she's reading Dr. Seuss," Ford said.

Beaumont says the mystery man in the photo - was wearing a Speedo and in this statement went on to say they remedied the situation taking patient and families concerns seriously.

"Our staff listened to her concerns and soon after colored on the image to make the mother feel more comfortable," the statement read in part.

FOX 2: "This was the remedy he's now wearing shorts."

"They drew some pants on him," Ford said, laughing. 

The photo has been up in the waiting room for 10 years, without complaints. Corinthia says it was time for a fix. 

"When choosing things for children you have to be very, very observant - because they are," she said.

As for 3rd grader Khylah, she plans on asking mom a few more questions. 

"I might, but if she doesn't tell me I'm going to leave it alone," she said.

FOX 2: "Maybe wait until you are older?"