Beaumont, Miracle Network gives custom bikes to children with special needs

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Bikes have a special way of connecting all of us. 

When children have physical challenges it can be tough to just ride a bike, but a program with Beaumont that gifts children custom bikes makes that happen. We were there on the day the kids got to get fitted for their new rides.

Demarie will be getting his first bike soon, adapted to fit his needs.

"He has weakness through his hands and the core of his body, and so coming to Beaumont is just allowing him to get stronger. Usually in the summer he's running behind the other kids so I'm excited about this summer; he'll be able to keep up with them on his own bike," says Monica Jones. 
Charlotte Morgan is 11 years old. She's getting fitted for her third bike, this one in her favorite color - orange. She's vision and hearing imparied and has cerebal palsy.

"She loves riding bikes with her siblings and her family and this allows her to go around the block with her big sister and little brother," says Gina Morgan. "We're forever grateful."

Finding the right fit for the right child takes all kinds of adjustments and test rides. Beaumont, with funding help from Children's Miracle Network, is able to provide these bikes worth thousands of dollars for free to about 100 children. To make it happen, it takes the work of many. 

"Special pedals, special seating, special back rest, special types of straps to hold them on. It's super custom but it's very fun," says Oliver Lajoi with Trivel Custom Bike.

The bikes are being worked on and next month the families return to Beaumont to take those new rides home.