‘Beautiful on a budget': DIY wedding cake sourced from Costco, Trader Joe's only cost $50

Weddings are certainly not cheap, with even the smallest necessities costing up to thousands of dollars. Among all the people trying to figure out how to cut the costs of the big day, one couple discovered the ultimate hack, all thanks to a clever DIY tip, Costco and Trader Joe’s.

The beautiful wedding cake was a four-tiered masterpiece, covered in a delicious buttercream frosting and decorated with pink roses and baby’s breath accents. It had a classic topper and was presented on a simple, yet elegant, stand.

An ornate and intricate cake like the one featured at the couple’s wedding can be extremely expensive, but their beautiful dessert only cost them a grand total of $50.

According to DIY Instagrammer Jessica Hoyle-King, her brother and his then-fiancée decided that they wanted to make their own cake in the interest of cutting wedding costs.

The bride’s brother-in-law, Jamie Warley, is conveniently the head pastry chef at the St. Ermins Hotel in London, and helped them piece together the gorgeous four-layered cake.

“It is no secret my brother is frugal...but this wedding took frugality to a whole new level,” wrote Jessica in her viral Instagram post. “Beautiful on a budget!”

The key to the culinary masterpiece was two white Costco cakes, each filled with a cream cheese frosting. After cutting the cakes into squares and stacking them into the typical multi-layered wedding cake shape, Warley re-iced the cake with homemade buttercream frosting and added some intricate piping.

The finishing touch was a spray of $10 flowers from Trader Joe’s. 

The beautiful four-layered cake was displayed on a classic wooden table that was cobbled together by Hoyle-King from the arts and crafts store Hobby Lobby.

The eye-catching $50 wedding cake is proof that DIY, homemade cakes can be cost-effective and won’t necessarily compromise your perfect wedding aesthetic.