Beauty school started with Motor City Match celebrates graduating class

It's a walk toward a brighter future 

"Don't give up on yourself just because you are in poverty," said Beneta Taylor. 

Taylor is one of the 22 students who graduated from Dymond Designs Beauty School. It is a business that was the vision of Marlene Brooks, an entrepreneur who brought that vision to reality - thanks to funding from the Motor City Match Program. 

"I'm so happy to be part of what we're doing in the city of Detroit, Michigan," said Brooks. "I am so proud to see what is happening with these students, they are shining bright like a diamond.

Benita Taylor was able to attend Dymond Designs Beauty School thanks to a grant

"It allowed me to get my esthetics diploma that I'm going to receive today when I walk across the stage," she said. "This is going to change my life and I got to do it for free." 

FOX 2 first caught up with Brooks when she received her Motor City Match funding in 2018. Today her beauty school offers training in a number of areas including cosmetology.
A Motor City Match spokesman believes that what the owner of Dymond Designs has accomplished, is exactly what their program is designed to do. 

"She is building wealth for herself and is giving it back to the community by creating jobs and really acting as a multiplier in small business based in Detroit," said Drew Lucco, Motor City Match.
Brooks wants her students to take their training and do big things moving forward. 

"I want to create a future and a legacy for your family, whether it is entrepreneurship or working in high end salon or spa," Brooks said. 

As for Benita this is the start of a new beginning. She is set to start work in a salon owned by Brooks.

"I am still in poverty but I'm climbing out, I'm not going to remain here," she said.  

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