Berkley American Legion post refuses to show Lions game

Some bars have framed jerseys of players on their walls, but American Legion Post 374 in Berkley has the framed uniform of US Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Leach of Ferndale, killed in action while serving in Afghanistan in 2012.

"We're diehard Lions fans, regardless of their record," says Post Commander Tom Bustance, a veteran of the US Air Force. "But we're diehard American patriots first."

The vets love watching football there, but Bustance says the executive membership voted unanimously to not show any NFL team whose players perform a public protest during the anthem.

The Lions play the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, and some of Rams have been holding a fist in the air protesting during the anthem.

So the game won't be shown at American Legion Post 374. And moving forward, neither will games involving teams from San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Miami and Kansas City - all teams with players who have anthem protests.

Those teams are listed on the front door. Their games won't be televised, even if they're playing the Lions.

"They have the absolute right to protest but this is the wrong time and place to do it because they are disrespecting the flag," says Legion member Joe Radiger.