Beverly Hills residents deal with storm aftermath and cleanup

Many homes hit by last week's storms have their power back on, but remains of the severe weather's aftermath remain.

Yards and driveways are filled with fallen trees and branches, and in Beverly Hills, fallen poles. Homeowners from the impacted communities are coping as well as they can, while preparing for more storms Tuesday.

It's been a tough past few days for Beverly Hills resident Danny Hoff.

"It’s been torment. our power went out at 10:30 on Wednesday night. we got our power back at 9 o’clock on Saturday," said Hoff. "No AC, couldn’t get out of the driveway, you can see the AT&T communication pole down."

Last week's storms were so intense he says it knocked over two poles in his front yard and block.

"I just left them a message to try and get these poles lifted," he said. AT&T says 'We’re aware of it.' I said it’s going to collapse. It’s hard enough to get my Jeep out. What are we going to do, drive over the cable lines?"

Those lines fell right in front of neighbor Bruce Murdoch’s home too.

"They won’t deliver mail. and Amazon or somebody, they won’t deliver anything," he said. "They won’t work under there. so, we need to get it fixed. I had to chase the mailman down the street on Saturday."

The Village of Beverly Hills says they're aware of all the damage and outages said Jeff Campbell, the village manager.

"As soon as the storm happened, we had a crew on scene within half an hour, DTE actually had people within two hours of the event," he said.

Campbell says the village has brought in five additional tree crews, landscape companies, and a specialized chipper to expedite the clean up.

"We'll be working hard every day until it’s rectified. We’ve really started chipping in earnest today," he said.

And power was restored for a large part of the village Saturday night.  Campbell says with more storms expected Tuesday, they are prepared. Residents say, so are they.

"I got my generator ready, I got a little generator, fridge and fan," said Hoff. "And I went and got some more propane tanks because it runs off of propane. I'll just do what I have to do."