Big crowd celebrates Cinco De Mayo in Southwest Detroit

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It’s Cinco De Mayo down in Southwest Detroit, starting the holiday off with their annual parade. 

The Parade began with the Detroit Police Department’s equestrian squad. 

For the 55th year the Mexican patriotic committee of metro Detroit hosts its annual parade, which featured 50 local community organizations.

Cinco De Mayo celebrates and important moment in Mexico’s history. 

"When our people won a war versus France people," Adriel Perez said.

The battle of Puebla, on Cinco De Mayo in 1862, the undermanned Mexican army won a surprise victory over the French.

"I think it was a cool thing for our people, and we like it," Perez said.

Today’s parade brought out a huge crowd, some coming from as far away as Minnesota.

Some visitors make it a destination to come to Southwest Detroit every 5th of May. The celebration is passed on from one generation to the next.

Visitors got to enjoy the parade, the music and food, as well as the beautiful weather. 

It was the perfect day to bring people together, a day of unity.