Bill Schuette: We did not 'drop the ball' on Flint water investigation

Former state attorney general Bill Schuette is telling his side of the story.

It has been a couple of weeks after the stunning announcement from current Attorney General Dana Nessel. She dropped all pending charges in the Flint water case -- and is starting over from square one.

In a casual sit-down at the American Coney Island and after a couple bites of a coney, the conversation about Flint turned serious. 

"We had 59 charges against 15 people, five convictions, and we were ready to go to trial," said Schuette. 

FOX 2: "Dana Nessel said the investigation that you conducted was flawed."

"That's wrong," he said. 

FOX 2: "Dana Nessel said that part of this Flint investigation was conducted so you could further your race for governor?"

"You know there's not one shred of evidence about that whatsoever, that's just not true," Schuette said. "And the fact is, the political thing would have been to do nothing."
Schuette says it would be unethical to file charges that weren't warranted and he says the charges, which included involuntary manslaughter, were warranted.

"I'm not going to walk away not on my watch," he said. "When 12 people died and thousands of kids were poisoned should you turn the other way? No."

Schuette praised his team of Todd Flood, Andy Arena, prosecutor David Layton and others. 

FOX 2: "Would you have charged Gov. Snyder if you found criminal evidence?"

"We would charge anyone if we had evidence of a crime," Schuette said.

Nessel said Schuette's use of subpoenas should have been search warrants for more reliable evidence. She stated she will evaluate new evidence and possibly refile charges or add additional defendants.

FOX 2: "The current attorney general is kind of saying you dropped the ball?"

"We did not," Schuette said. "We had a strong team. We had the most professional ..."

FOX 2: "What do you say when she makes that allegation?"

"First thing is, have a hot dog and talk to Charlie Langton," he quipped.


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The attorney general did not respond for a request for comment. However, the new prosecution team will be speaking to the citizens of Flint on Friday in a town hall.