Bittersweet good-bye? As 313 area code numbers run out, move to 679 gets closer

For Detroiters, 313 represents an identity - one associated with resilience and pride. Nonetheless, the state’s public service commission says it’s likely time to welcome "679."

"We’ve just reached a point now that technology keeps evolving and there’s more demand for more telephone numbers and we’ve just reached the point of exhaustion for the 313," said Ryan McAnany. "This number as well as the 313 area code overlay, should be good for the next 45 years."

As it is, 313 already covers a lot of territories, from the city to the suburbs.

On Thursday, the commission held a hearing giving the public an opportunity to sound off on their proposal - but barely anyone showed up.

As for the "679" area code, it would cover the same geographic areas and would be assigned to new phone customers. There are, however, some changes that would take effect.

"All customers in the 313 service area will need to begin dialing at least 10 digits when making local calls," said Josh McConkie, analyst, Michigan Public Service Commission.

Meaning - even when making a local call, you’ll need to enter your area code in addition to that 7-digit phone number, which could take some getting used to.’s the good news...

"Doing this, we’re not expecting that within the next couple years we’re going to be encountering another overlay here," said McAnany. "It should create a significant number of numbers in the pool for the providers."

We’re told the commission is scheduled to make a final decision at the end of May.