Blind man sues McDonald's over drive-thru policy

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Photo: Fox News

The Golden Arches have appeased people's cravings for decades. In the past 20 years, they've expanded their hours and menu to serve their customers what they want, when they want it - unless you're blind. That's according to a man who filed a lawsuit last week saying McDonald's discriminates against blind people.

Scott Magee is legally blind and can't drive and McDonald's restaurants have a 'no pedestrian' policy at drive-thrus. So he has to a hitch a ride when he gets a hankering for hamburger after hours.

He says that's discrimination because he can't always find a ride.

So Magee filed a lawsuit against the company in Chicago's U.S. District Court claiming the company is violating the Americans with Disabilities ct by denying him services offered to customers with sight.

The Chicago Tribune talked to Magee's lawyer who said he has solutions to solve this problem that don't require McDonald's changing their pedestrian policy. He suggests McDonald's install a phone to allow customers with disabilites to call in their orders and then employees could bring those out to customers.

McDonald's has not yet commented and a spokeswoman told WMAQ in Chicago that the company does not comment on pending litigation.

Magee isn't seeking a specified monetary damage. Instead, he's asking the court to compel McDonald's to provide an option for its drive-thru services, compensation for court costs and damages, plus he wants to make it a class-action case.

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