'Blood all over': Saint Clair Shores elderly couple found dead

The Saint Clair Shores is remaining tight lipped about the circumstances surrounding the death of an elderly couple found a few hours apart, but say they don't suspect foul play. 

Thursday afternoon, Saint Clair Shores police discovered a man's body in Lake Saint Clair. The man's car was found parked nearby and when police went his home, they found his wife dead inside.

Police investigate possible murder suicide in St. Clair Shores

Neighbors and friends identify the couple as 92-year-old Norman Patterson and 82-year-old Marieta Patterson. They say it's unimaginable what happened to the couple who lived near 12 Mile and Jefferson.

"It's a really bad situation. There was blood all over the place," Neighbor Andy Saldana said. "It's so hard to imagine what happened because I never heard them arguing or anything." 

Saldana said he talked with Norman last Tuesday and that he had just beeen released from the hospital for low blood pressure.

"They took him to the hospital because he was talking funny and his son says he couldn't understand him," he said.

He talked with Marieta just days before and says everything seemed fine. 

But Thursday, Norman's son stopped by the home and found what's described as a horrific scene: Marieta appeared to have been brutally beaten.

"Her head was really messed up. Beaten up or cut up," Saldana said. "He was kinda shook up. He says I don't know what happened in there, now they're tell me they found a body in the lake and they think it may be my dad."

Police are investigating it as a possible murder-suicide and are not releasing many details. They said they did not suspect foul play until they found Marieta's body.

The Macomb County Medical Examiner's office says autopsies have not been done yet and they may not have a manner and cause of death for a few weeks as they await toxicology results.