Bloomfield Township woman out thousands of dollars after elaborate scam

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It's what most of us dream of but on Thursday Bloomfield township police say be careful as they search for some slick scammers posing as folks from publishers clearing house.

Police say someone took advantage of an 86-year-old woman in their city convincing her to hand over nearly 14-thousand dollars.

"If something seems too good to be true it probably is," Sgt. Dan Brown said.

Police say in early December someone called the elderly woman staying on Antique lane near long lake telling her she'd won 6-million dollars through publisher's clearing house.

“She was told she won 6 million but she had to send money for the processing fee," Sgt Brown said. 

On December 6th the woman sent a cashier’s check for $4500 to a street address in Georgia then four days later, a $7500 check, along with three $500 checks to an address in Wisconsin. 

"Unfortunately this homeowner was called several times over a few weeks and money was requested every time."

Handing out $13,500 without her family's knowledge. It didn't end there, a limo pulling up to her house.

"We think the limo was sent by the caller in hopes of taking our victim to the bank to possibly receive more cashier’s checks," Sgt Brown said. 

Thankfully the woman's daughter-in-law was with her that day telling the limo driver to get lost. 

Police say the woman's son then brought her here to have police, sort of, lecture his mother about scams, but they quickly realized she'd already sent money.

The elderly woman, confused and unable to remember many of the conversations but police working fast were able to intercept the $7500 check with the help of postal inspectors and police say the three $500 checks had been sent to another elderly woman likely another victim of the same scam.

"The recipient of the checks recognized they weren't for her and sent them back," Sgt. Brown said. 

Police remind everyone that this time of year is a prime time for scammers most targeting the elderly.

"If people are requesting that you send money in order to receive money it’s probably a scam."

Police also say they don't yet know who that scammer is or how many people they've already swindled. But they say the key to finding them could be that limo driver. 

"Please call us. We would love to speak with you and find our who paid you, and who sent you to that address."