Board members want Augusta Twp clerk out, accuse her of double-dipping

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There's more drama in Augusta Township after an embezzlement scandal as some board members of the Township accuse the clerk of double-dipping into taxpayer money.

Kathy Giszczak is being asked by the board to resign from her position as city clerk - a position voters elected her to hold - because she has another job.

Giszczak is not only working her elected position as clerk, FOX 2 has confirmed that she is a full time financial assistant at the Michigan Department of Corrections facilty in Jackson. That second job is the problem for many officials and residents in Augusta Township. At a meeting on Tuesday, they were very clear in their opposition.

"We're going to ask her her to resign. She's double dipping the taxpayer two salaries and she's only doing one job," board member Ira Todd told FOX 2's Taryn Asher on Tuesday.

You may remember a corruption investigation was launched in Augusta Township a couple of years ago. Board members said after hundreds of thousands of dollars were un accounted for,  Michigan State Police raided the township hall and the clerk's house.

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Giszcak, treasurer Linda Dew and her grandson, Deputy Treasurer Brendan Humenik,  were all the focus of that investigation. FOX 2 learned the ledgers that were kept were so bad, not even the state could trace it back to all who were involved. Only the deputy treasurer humenik was convicted of embezzlement..

Today, we're told money is still missing and it was recently discovered that 10 firefighters are still on the books even though they haven't worked there for years. Chief David Music said he turned in the records and the firefighters should have been removed from the books long ago.

In the past, Giszcak has refused to return our calls but on Tuesday, she answer the question of whether she would resign.

"I am not going resign from my position. I'm dedicated to fulfilling my term until November 20th when my term is up and i plan on continuing to have the job that i have. I have been doing both jobs and very well. What you are hearing here is a witch-hunt, period," Giszcak said.

She denies any wrong doing and says there is no state law that says she needs to keep office hours.

Board members plan to ask the prosecutor to take on this case.