Body cam video shows Trenton officer saving woman from car sinking in Detroit River

A Trenton police officer is being called a hero after saving a woman who drove her car into the Detroit River. 

It happened on Monday afternoon -- a 911 call for help came in that there was a car in the river. Body cam footage shows officers quickly moving  to a different location and realizing there is someone inside.

There's someone in the driver's seat... They're not able to get out there

"I'm trying to see if this person's alive," officers said, as they frantically worked to figure out a way to get to the car, which was quickly drifting with the swift current and sinking fast.

Officers located a kayak and headed for the water. It was a frantic scene as paramedics arrived and headed toward the river.

"She's awake, she can't get out."

But soon, Sgt. Steve Lyons and the woman he's rescued are in sight. He had to break her window and pull her to safety in a kayak with no life jacket in frigid conditions. Fellow officers throw Sgt. Lyons a rope and bring them in.

The 53-year-old woman was pulled from the river. Lyons, an 8 and a half year veteran of Trenton Police Department, and the kayak come next.

It was a job well done and a life saved. On Wednesday, dive teams pulled the car from the river

As for that woman who was rescued it's still not clear why she went in the river.