Bodycam video: Farmington Hills Police and Fire go door-to-door to rescue residents from burning building

Early Sunday morning, most of the residents of the Country Glen Condos were asleep when a fire broke out on the third floor of the building. Thanks to the quick actions of the Farmington Hills Police Department and firefighters, they were all able to escape safely.

The fire broke out early on Sunday, March 12, at the Country Glen Condos on 14 Mile Road near Northwestern Highway in Farmington Hills. The city's police and fire departments responded to the fire and police arrived first, finding the third floor engulfed in flames. 

Farmington Hills Police and Fire responded to a burning condo on Sunday, March 12 - and raced inside the building to save people. Image: Farmington Hills Fire Department.

With the fire raging above them and smoke starting to fill the building, officers went inside to evacuate all residents. Multiple officers banged on and broke down several doors to awaken and evacuate residents.

Some of those inside were elderly and had trouble moving through the smoke-filled hallways, but officers assisted the entire way to get everyone to safety.

Several officers then returned to rescue a family dog that had been left behind in an evacuated unit.

Both police and fire departments worked together to ensure all residents were evacuated from the building as it went up in flames. 

Thanks to their heroic efforts, nobody inside the condo was hurt. Some of the officers were treated for smoke inhalation but did not require additional medical attention.

"The courage displayed by these police officers and firefighters highlights their professionalism and underscores the dangers they face in the line of duty," said Police Chief Jeff King.

King and Fire Chief John Unruh both said they were proud of the bravery shown by the first responders and that is "yet another example of the exceptional public safety services that the City of Farmington Hills provides to its residents each day."