Booster shots expected to soon be recommended for all, says expert

Doctors believe the Covid vaccine booster shots could be the pivotal key to against the coronavirus and any potential variant that may arise.

"If you look at the science, boosters are not only going to become recommended - but essential," said Dr. Justin Skrzynski, Beaumont Health.

Dr. Skrzynski is an internal medicine physician and oversees a COVID-19 Unit.

Medical experts believe that after so many months, vaccines can start to lose their effectiveness.

"That wanes over time after about six or eight months, we see that the immunity that people still have from the shots, it’s getting them in a situation where they still might have risk," Skrzynski said. "Once you have a booster that is going to restore you, to that sort of magical 95 percent protection number."

The Covid booster shot is available to people 65 and older, people with chronic medical conditions, and those who work in situations where there’s high-risk Covid exposure.

But many medical professionals believe Michigan could soon follow other states and allow the booster shot to reach more people.

"My guess is the next week or month, we'll see Michigan really open up the criteria for boosters," the doctor said.

But the question some are asking is if you do not get the booster shot, are you still fully vaccinated.

"That’s a tricky question," he said. "As of now, yes. Two shots of Moderna or two shots of Pfizer, or one of Johnson & Johnson, you are still fully vaccinated.

"That definition may change over the coming months as we understand the mechanics of the vaccination differently, but for now you are still fully vaccinated."

And for those who have concerns about the booster shot, the doctor says put your fears aside

"There’s no evidence that there is any additional risk to getting the third shot than the first two shots," Skrzynski said.

Doctors say the vaccine is the most effective way to protect yourself against coronavirus. So if it’s your first shot or time to get the booster, doctors say get vaccinated.

"Right now, mid-November, there is still enough time to get the vaccine and have full immunity before Christmas and New Year's," he said.