Boston Edison firehouse, rumored for closure, will remain open

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Detroit residents in the Boston Edison area concerned over rumors that their neighborhood fire house would be closing. 

An emergency meeting was held to discuss the issue further. District 5 city councilwoman Mary Sheffield attended the meeting to deliver the good news. 

"I appreciate the residents, rallying around this issue, advocating to make sure the fire station is not closed. I did speak to the fire commissioner and they have no intent on closing the fire station at all. They do, regular inspections and examinations of fire stations but this one will not be closing. They wanted me to come here to relay that message to the community that it will remain open," Mary Sheffield said.

Residents were relieved that the closing of the fire station is not going to happen. 

"I'm very very happy that for the time being we're going to keep the fire truck in the northend we're going to have to keep an eye on it and just make sure we can continue to move forward and progress, there has been a lot of progress in our community and we want to keep it moving forward, not back," resident Joeleo Smith said.

A lot of support from the fire department, from the city and from the residents who get a chance to speak up and have their voices heard. 

The Detroit fire department says they are always evaluating personal resources and making sure every neighborhood has the adequate fire and medical response time but reiterated that at this time engine 35 would not be closing.