Boutique offers custom luxury cars at Detroit auto show

A lot has been made about the North American International Auto Show not having some of the luxury brands like BMW, Porsche and Mercedes with much of a presence.

That's not necessarily true. One local dealer is making sure you can see them all when you come to the show.

"They work their entire lives sometimes to afford a car like this and modify them and we are here to do that for them," said Michael Kassab, owner of Envy. "So it's a dream come true for me to be here."

Envy Auto Group is a dealership and customization boutique out of St. Clair Shores, but at this auto show they may be your only chance to see the one of kind ultra-high end automobile. 

From the one of kind to the ultimate head turner - and the ultra-rare. 

"(This is a) 2018 BMW M760 40 jaar. So there are 200 in the world and 10 in the us."

"This is their signature car that is going to be worth a whole lot of money someday," Kassab said. "It's so rare from the standpoint that it's a V12 as well as the colors."

Even the epitome of class and style like a Rolls Royce Ghost.

"This is an art deco addition, they made about 35 worldwide," said Kassab. “The doors, obviously, the best part of a Rolls Royce.

"It pops out right here. If it's raining. it rains a lot in England where this car comes from."

Kassab said they have about 25 cars there with 80 percent on sale at the show ranging from $180,000 to $600,000. 

If you can a ride to the show, you can potentially buy your way home.