Boy celebrates his birthday for 9 hours at Meijer store

Photo from YouTube

A 9-year-old boy celebrated his birthday by eating sushi, decorating cupcakes and riding a mechanical horse -- all part of a nine-hour party at a Meijer store in western Michigan.

Fletcher Moore wanted to spend Saturday at the big-box store where customers can buy food, clothes, games and pet fish. He told his mom, "I don't want you to rush me."

Fletcher got a behind-the-scenes tour at a Meijer store in Grand Rapids. He took his time going up and down the aisles, and even met company executive Doug Meijer.

The Grand Rapids Press says a buddy collected $16 in bottle deposits and gave the money to Fletcher.   

Kristen Moore says she'd spend the day in a "cardboard box" if that were her son's birthday wish.

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