Boy Scouts gather on Zoom for virtual campfire, s’mores session amid COVID-19 quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t keeping one group of Boy Scouts from bonding over a campfire — virtually, that is.

A troop in Fairport, New York, set up a video conferencing campfire and s’mores session on May 14 outside their home.

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Video recorded by Nicole Thibault, the boys’ mother, shows all three of her sons sitting around an outside fire pit snacking on s’mores and conversing with their fellow scouts on a laptop via Zoom, set up across the pit.

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“Virtual campfire on Zoom with their fellow Scouts. Making s’mores, singing songs, skits, having fun. Missing Scout camping trips with friends,” Thibault’s tweet read.

With camps and other summer activities canceled due to the pandemic, kids and family are learning how to make the most of their time at home while awaiting lockdowns to lift.

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Amid the ongoing pandemic, many people are learning to stay connected using technology.

Churches are streaming services, family members are utilizing FaceTime and Zoom, and apps like House Party are being downloaded to allow game nights with loved ones who are miles away.

Car parades have also become a popular method of celebrating missed milestones and creating a sense of community.

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