Boy wakes father, alerts family in early morning house fire

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It was early Tuesday morning when Luan Hunt Jr. woke up to use the bathroom. But as the 10-year-old made his way down the hall, he noticed something was wrong.

"I saw smoke all in the hallway," he recalls.

Luan says at that point he believed there was a fire somewhere in the house. Then the 10-year-old jumped into action and ran to alert his dad.

"I just woke him up and said it's a fire," he said.

The family's father, who shares his son's name, says he knew he had to move quick, waking up his mother and four other kids ages 9 to 4 and everyone got out safely. 

He also saved their two dogs and eight puppies from their burning home.

"They got too much smoke in their lungs and I had to surrender them over to the Humane Society," said Luan Hunt. "It breaks my heart," Luan Hunt Sr. said.

Fire investigators say the fire appear to have been intentionally set near a basement window.

"It's crazy that someone could actually do this knowing that there are children and people in the home," the father said.

He says the family can't return to this home because of all the damage. 

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"I would like to tell parents to have a plan in case something like this happens," Hunt said. "I am just grateful my son woke me up in time and I could get everyone out."