Boy who donates hair to kids with cancer, fights Hodgkins Lymphoma

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A Hazel Park boy who grew his hair out and donated it to Wigs for Kids six months earlier,  was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin's Lymphoma this week.

Despite the diagnosis, Torrin Breneman is hanging in there and hoping his wish can come true --- attending "He'll in a Cell" a wrestling event at Little Caesar's Arena on October 8.

His parents Jason and Carrie Breneman are hoping he can make it there, because Torrin absolutely loves wrestling.

"When he came out of the O.R. he didn't recognize anyone," Jason said. "He just wanted to know... if he could go to his wrestling event on October the 8th."

This family has been through so much.

The recent diagnosis has been difficult and  Saturday they found out while they've been at the hospital watching over Torrin, someone broke into their home and stole gifts from their son, a cancer patient

The onset of the illness was rapid.

They took Torrin to the hospital for a cough on Monday and days later, he was in the Intensive care unit at Children's Hospital.

Doctors told the Brenemans he went from 'cancer free' to 'stage four' in three weeks or less.

Torrin's parents tell Fox 2 the cancer is 'everywhere' including his liver, blood, kidney, bones and stomach.

"I lost it at actual initial diagnosis... but as soon as he walked in the room I was able to stop... the tears just stopped," Carrie said.

Torrin has touched so many. The school donated Tuesday to Torrin... calling it Torrin Tuesday. The school is collecting donations for the family.

Torrin's parent say the doctors report he has an 80-85 percent chance of making it through this, an improvement over his first prognosis which brings his family a great deal of hope.

If you'd like to make a donation to the family to help pay for Torrin's treatment, you can do so via their GoFundMe account here