Boyfriend charged with murdering Waterford mom

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The boyfriend of a Waterford woman who is accused of shooting and killing her inside her own home has been charged with murder.

Ian Jones, 26, was charged with murdering 26-year-old Ashley Rich earlier this week. Jones is accused of shooting and killing the woman inside her Waterford apartment.

Police say Jones shot her in the back Sunday morning

On Wednesday, Jones sat quietly and calmly with his court-appointed attorney while the charges were read. Behind him, Ashley's family fought tears and prayed silently. Her mother, Melinda Newcomb, says Jones told police that he was spinning a gun on his finger when it went off.

"The kick would have broken his finger, swollen, or at least bruised it. This was not an accident," Newcomb said.

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She says Jones abused her daughter mentally and physically and that he threatened to kill her more than once. Newcomb's heart broke as she thinks of Ashley's three young children who must grow up without their mother.

"Her three-year-old thinks that 'dead' means mommy's working. She won't be at the funeral because she won't understand why mommy isn't talking to her."

Rich's family says their biggest fear was that Jones would be let out on bond. The prosecution argued that based on prior misdemeanor and juvenile convictions, he shouldn't be allowed bond.

Jones's court-appointed attorney asking for a cash bond but the judge denied it. He's due back in court next week.

His family would not speak with FOX 2 or Rich's family.

"I'm just appalled his family didn't have the common courtesy to walk up to our family and apologize for the loss we're feeling," Newcomb said. "He took my baby's life and meanwhile his name is going on birthday cards, my baby's name is going on a grave marker."

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Jones faces life in prison and Newcomb says she will continue to pray that her daughter's life and violent death will help someone in a similar situation.

"I pray that my voice goes far enough to reach her to let her know I loved her so much."