Brandon TWP Trustee claims to have gotten threats after Facebook Post 

“When did a differing opinion garner such hateful rhetoric,” Brandon Township Trustee Robert Marshall said. “You would not believe the hate I’ve gotten from this post. “When does it become okay to threaten? Because I have received death threats now. When does it become okay to threaten people with harm and violence. because their opinion is different?”

Marshall said a Facebook post he made on Saturday, after seeing a Black Lives Matter Demonstration in Brandon has drawn vitriol.

 In the post Marshall writes: “The falsehood that Blacks are, in overwhelming numbers disproportionately killed by white police officers is demonstrably false.” He goes on to call Black Lives Matter a “hate group that seeks to target police officers for harm and death.”

“You can ago on YouTube and look up instances of people chanting, it’s just not one person. There’s multiple chanting ‘what do we want dead cops when do we want it now,” Marshall said. “Those members, the ones that are in charge, they need to be much more vocal. I have never seen them take a stand against violence. They need to be more vocal than those calling for the death of police officers.”

A 2016 study available on the national institutes of health website of lethal force by law enforcement found African Americans were disproportionately killed by police.