BREAK-IN: Thieves drive van through Detroit liquor store wall

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Thieves plowed through the wall of a liquor store on Detroit's west side Friday morning, leaving a gaping hole and causing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Three suspects were caught on surveillance video stealing from May's Market at West Chicago and Ward in Detroit. Police say they actually drove a vehicle into the back of the building to get inside. The owner said the security alarm never went off.

"We've been here for 28 years, we've never seen something this big," the store owner said. "For someone to just sit there and ram a van into the back of your back wall, it's insane, it's crazy."

The thieves can be seen completely ransacking the area behind the counter, helping themselves to cigarettes, liquor, money and more.

The owner says the store's outside surveillance camera isn't working so there is no video of the vehicle driving into the building but it's likely the thieves left some clues behind.

"They weren't wearing no gloves or masks," the owner said. "I just want the police do their jobs and get them off the streets."