Broken utility pole in Detroit worries drivers

A broken utility pole near John R. and Emery in Detroit had drivers concerned.

The pole was seemingly hanging by a thread, holding suspended lines and causing truck drivers to take a second look before driving under it.

It's not just truck drivers concerned.

"I wouldn't go near that. People probably don't even notice it. It's very dangerous," said David Holt.

A Fox 2 viewer let us know about the damage pole and the potential for further damage saying it's been like this for more than a week.

Nearby business owners said the same. 

"That's pretty shocking that that's been like that for a whole week,' Holt said.

The problem is DTE had no record of a report at the intersection and the City of Detroit says no one reported it to them either -- so they can't be expected to repair something they didn’t know existed.

It appears someone was aware -- there are remnants of caution tape around the area and hanging from the wire.

Fox 2 called DTE, who came out to assess the damage. They say this is a city issue and they already started repairs.

We then got in touch with the mayor's office, and almost immediately the city moved in, repairing the broken pole making it safe to travel under again.