Brothers visit Comerica Park on road trip to hit every MLB park

Two brothers on the road trip of a lifetime, hitting every major league ballpark in just about a month.

Today they're checking Comerica Park off the list, watching the Tigers take on the Angels.

The grand idea came from Steve Ahart and his brother Dave from Washington, D.C., while celebrating Dave's retirement and Steve celebrates his new electric car, his Tesla model three. Grouping each home team schedules by region and designing this detailed map, the first stop for these guys was a Chicago Cubs game.

And while the duo is raising money for local boys and girls club chapters in each city, they're also saving money on gas.

"Thus far I think we would've spent $1,200 dollars on gas, we've spent maybe $300-$400 in electricity," said Steve.

Their epic trek, with rain outs and delays, is now taking more like 34 days, but there is still another world record they may get: the longest voyage in an electrical vehicle, they say.

Hitting the west coast next with Dave's wife joining the party, next it's Colorado, Arizona and California with about 8 games left.

And they're pretty good luck charm -- with a 14-6 record for wins for the home teams.

"The tigers will win today. It's guaranteed," Steve said.

And they did.

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