Brussels attack has Detroit travelers, Metro Airport on alert

Brussels is on lockdown right now after what officials are calling a coordinated terror attack involving multiple blasts.

The first blasts were reported at the international airport and the Belgium prosecutor says at least one was likely caused by a suicide bomber. More explosions hit the country's mass transit system at a metro station near the headquarters of the European Union. At both locations, at least a dozen fatalities and many more injuries have been reported. You can read the latest on that developing story here.

There are fears the attacks may be in retailiation for a crackdown on a Belgian terror cell last week. The Belgium prime minister has called the attacks a dark moment for his nation.

Those attacks have travelers across the globe on alert this morning. Whether it's seen or not, security will be increased at airports around the world Tuesday, including here in Detroit. You can see more about what the airport is like this morning in the report in the video player above from FOX 2's Roop Raj.

There are no direct flights from Detroit to Brussels, though though heading to Europe may find their flight gridlocked. As always, check your flight status before heading to the airport.