Bullied 5th grader says he was told he would be shot and his mom 'gutted'

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An 11-year-old boy from Brownstown is staying home from school, afraid of what he calls a dangerous bully.

He says another child repeatedly threatened to kill him and the school isn't doing enough to protect him.

"He said ‘When I turn 13 my granddad is going to give me a shotgun and I am going to shoot your head off.’"

Rudy is 11 years old and terrified to return to Wegienka Elementary school in the Woodhaven-Brownstown district. After weeks of being bullied, on Wednesday Rudy Washington and his mother are fed up.

"It makes me angry and it makes me worried," said Starr Washington. "And I'm not going to put Rudy in that type of situation."

Starr Washington says three weeks ago she received a phone call from the school's principal that another 5th grader threatened to stab Rudy with scissors.

"He was rubbing it against his hands and started rubbing them against his face," Rudy said. "He was just mouthing it out 'I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you.'"

Rudy says the boy even threatened to "gut" his mother if he told. Washington says the boy was suspended, but that on his day back, the threats started again. Then, the next day, Rudy says the boy made a gun with pencils and paper clips.

"He was pointing it at Rudy and making gunshot sounds," Washington said.

Rudy says he was threatening to shoot his mother, too. That boy was suspended again, but back in school Wednesday.

"Where are the teachers at," Washington said. "How did it even escalate to this point?"

Rudy says that right after the pencil and paper clip gun incident he went to his teacher who he says asked him why he was tattling.

"They say our motto is 'Respectful, responsible and safe,'" he said. "Well I don't believe the safe or responsible part."

Washington says she suggested a meeting with the boy’s parents to put the boy in a counseling program and to move the boy into another building but, was blown off.

Fox 2 reached out numerous times Wednesday but the superintendent has not released a comment.

"He has shown a pattern of behavior and he's clearly getting a slap on the wrist," Washington said.

She plans to have Rudy attend a private school in the fall. Washington says Rudy loves school and misses his friends but has to stay home as long as that boy is still there.

"Next time it's going to get ugly," Washington said. "But next time it won't, by my kid."