Bungling burglars destroy doors, steal nothing in Detroit crime

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A group of bad guys made a Detroit business their target but their caper was caught on camera. As it turns out, their 'perfect' crime wasn't so perfect.

The thieves were scared off after trying to break in to Big Boiz Car Audio on Monday on Detroit's east side. While they're on the run, the owner, Joe Nelson, is stuck with the hefty repair bill.

Surveillance video shows multiple cars circling the store around 3 a.m. Monday before they tried ramming the back garage door.

"The two vehicles were coming down the street, a silver Durango and a blue and brown Jeep Cherokee. One sat right here and the Other was sitting across the street."

As the Jeep rammed the door, it knocked down bars and dragged them away. But they weren't able to get inside and steal anything because, as Nelson puts it, he had security.

"They weren't able to get anything because my overnight security scared them off," Nelson said.

One person ran away and the Jeep peeled out, leaving the door open and Nelson with the expensive mess. He said it's going to cost him $4,500 out of his own pocket to fix the damage done by criminals. Now he's considering what many other business owners have considered.

"It kinda makes you wanna close up shop and move elsewhere. Very disappointing," he said.

Nelson says he's been in the business 15 years and opened this shop on Harper just three years ago. He said he works every day with his wife and kids to set an example for them.

"I'm trying to leave this for my sons and people want to take what you got - something you work hard for."

Nelson said he's offering his own cash reward to catch the wannabe thieves. And he's also got some advice for them: "get a job and get yourself a life. Work for what you want. Stop trying to steal everything."