Businessman Faisal Khan convicted of bribery in Macomb County corruption case

For five days Faisal Khan came to federal court a free man but on the fifth day, he left a prisoner. 

The kind of con you spell c-o-n.

ML Elrick: "Mr. Khan, anything you'd like to say? Mr. Khan, you gambled and lost. are you sorry?"

Earlier this year, Khan rejected a plea deal offering as little as two years in prison. Instead, he went to trial, taking a chance he could convince a jury he was innocent.

Khan never denied paying bribes, but he and his attorney Jim Thomas argued that Khan only did it because the feds set him up.

"Money did cross the table, but the entrapment defense goes to what happened before, whether there was any inducement," Thomas said.

Prosecutors and the FBI's public corruption squad argued that Khan had a history of bribing public officials in Macomb County.

In his closing argument, federal prosecutor Michael Bullotta told jurors: "'Mr. Thomas said this is a case of set the hook, catch the fish.' If that was the case, then Mr. Khan was a flying carp, because he jumped right into the boat."

After three days of testimony, jurors took less than two hours to convict Khan on four counts of bribery. He now faces up to 12 years in prison and fines of more than $250,000.