Busted on job story leads to job opening in Commerce Twp

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There's a new job opening in Commerce Township. That's because a department supervisor who was busted on the job had to make a decision - either clean up your act or get out.

Problem Solver Rob Wolchek has the latest on his investigation.

Tim Emery the smoking supervisor of maintenance for Commerce Township has thrown in the towel.

Wolchek: "You offered him to go to drug counselling and he didn't want to do that?"

"He had a problem with that," said Tom Zoner

Tom Zoner is the guy who runs Commerce Township.  He says as of last week, Emery is no longer his -  nor Commerce Township's liability.

A supervisor is someone you should look up to, but plenty of people were looking down on Tim Emery after Wolchek's busted on the job investigation last month.

Wolchek was tipped off that Emery was getting high on wax, a highly concentrated marijuana extract while on duty and then driving Commerce Township vehicles.

Tim was the boss so he seemed to have no problem just leaving what appears to be his drug kit visible on the front seat of his van.

Smoking wax is highly hallucinogenic. You need a blowtorch, seen here, and something called a dapper to smoke this stuff.

Wolchek caught Tim dabbing and driving day after day -  trucks, tractors, lawnmowers and other heavy equipment, all with the Commerce Township name on the side.

FOX 2 also found out Tim has a history of operating while under the influence.  A bust a couple of years ago on an off road vehicle and a dui.

After Wolchek's confrontation with Emery,  Township Supervisor Tom Zoner came out and brought the sheriff's department to investigate. Emery took a township truck and left his job in mid-shift, abandoning the vehicle on the other side of town. 

But Emery came back to work the next day and he wasn't really apologetic.  After the story aired, he retaliated against his perceived enemies.

Two of his co-workers took out personal protection orders against Tim Emery and he was suspended.

Last week, Zoner called him into his office and gave him three choices, get some help, get fired or quit.

"The kid was angry,  he's still kind of angry," Zoner said. "It will wear off over a period of time."

Wolchek: "But he's not a kid.  He's 45 years old, that's the thing."

Emery decided to quit his job. Tom Zoner says he thinks all of this will be a wakeup call for an man he says was once a good employee.

"I think what has transpired may have saved his life," Zoner said. "When you're into any kind of drugs, any kind of mind changing body transitions, you're leading to something more dangerous. I think the outcome on Tim's favor is that he will find some help, he will either correct his flaws with drugs and get back into a family life and maybe make some enhancements and improvements."

FOX 2 offered Emery the chance to talk on camera and he declined. Emery did want to say that the folks at Commerce Township always treated him well, Zoner was a great boss and that by resigning, he was able to leave on good terms. He said that he is "going to move on" and that it is time to "work on himself."