Bystander shoots gunman at back-to-school event

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Titusville Police still have not released the name of the man who stopped the shooter at a park on Saturday, but they are calling him a hero.

The gunshots still echo across social media, after the emcee at Titusville’s Peace in the City event posted a Facebook live video of the shooting. When a good Samaritan carrying a licensed concealed weapon shot the attacker, police say he did the right thing.

“Based on the information that we've gathered,” said Titusville Police Sgt. William Amos.  “This person stepped in and saved a lot of people's lives.”

Amos said it all started with a fight between two men over a game of hoops.

“It's an ongoing beef that these two individuals had from a basketball game.”

It was a dispute that sent scores of kids running for their lives, after they came to get free school supplies and backpacks. The event’s emcee, DJ Dwight Harvey, said he can't thank the good Samaritan enough.

“Thank you, thank you. We can dab, we can hug, hey... I love you, dude!” Harvey said.

Police say the shooter is in the hospital, in critical-but-stable condition. Once he gets out, he may face criminal charges.